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The home of quality fixed and retractable screens in Canberra. Alucom offers a range of window and door screens from leading brands – including National Screens and Xceed – in Canberra, for highly competitive prices.



Secure your factory, office or home with a security screen from Alucom! Just select one of the following designs and your choice of colour. For your safety and peace of mind we also offer keyless Fire Exit Security Screens. Feel safe – without sacrificing style!


SecureView Window Screens

Xceed Window Screens

Diamond Grille Window Screens

Available Colours on Secureview & Xceed Window Screens

Louvre Screens



Our Hometec All Weather Aluminium Louvre System is engineered to endure Australia's extreme climate.

Manufactured from extruded aluminium, the Louvre System is available with fixed or adjustable blades and won't warp, crack or split.

  • 88mm eliptical blade
  • Strength of high quality aluminium
  • Can be used either internally or externally
  • Available in hinged, sliding, fixed or bi-fold configurations
  • Available in all powdercoat colours and woodgrain finishes

For more information on our products, including the Xceed range, contact us today!

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